• Can the Clue Give use part of the word when giving out clues for the word?  (i.e. "4 wheels with a board" when word is skateboard)
    No they may not.  If they do so, the chip is eliminated from play and neither team gets points for it.  
  • During the stealing round, can the opposing team work together to guess words that the first team missed?
    Yes they can.  The team can work together and will have the same 30 second time span to guess as many of the missed words.
  • Are the teams allowed to distract each other during either the guessing or stealing stage?  
    We actually leave this option up to you.  We purposely didn't make certain rules specific so people can have house rules.  Having said that, the distracting element of the game can be an interesting alternative. 
  • During the guessing stage (red timer), is the Clue Giver allowed to give any more clues?
    Absolutely not.  The Clue Giving stage is over, all the Clue Giver is allowed to say is "yes" or "no". 
  • On the Kalimaat box its says "4 players".  Can Kalimaat be played by 3 players or 6 players?
    Kalimaat was made to played with two teams of two.  Although you can play 3 player Kalimaat or 6 player Kalimaat, we don't necessarily recommend it. 

Here are some alternative ways to play Kalimaat:

  • 3 Player Kalimaat
    Each person takes turns being the Clue Giver, Guesser, and Stealing opponent.   
  • 6 Player Kalimaat
    Six players are divided into three teams of two.  It plays the same as 4 player Kalimaat except once the stealing team runs out of time stealing tokens, the third team can try to guess words that the first two teams missed.  Since they are the third team, they will get double points for each word that the first two teams could not.   
  • Distracting Kalimaat
    This is the same game play as original Kalimaat, except you are allowed to distract the opposing either during both guessing stage and stealing stage. 
  • FFA Kalimaat
    Free For All Kalimaat is where there is one Clue Giver and three people guessing.  This can only be done if you can get other items to represent tokens. 
  • Silent Kalimaat
    Silent Kalimaat is played like original Kalimaat except that the team is not allowed to speak.  Similar to playing charades,  the Clue Giver has to rely on making gestures to give his opponent clues.  Due to the difficulty, the points are worth double.  Before the Clue Giver turns over the card to read clues, the team has to decide if they are going to do original or silent Kalimaat.  Original Kalimaat will give the them one point per successful clue guessed and silent would give them two.  On the flip side, the opposing team can also get double points during Silent Kalimaat for the clues they are able to steal.
  • Crazy Kalimaat
    Crazy Kalimaat is just that...crazy!.  Basically both team's Clue Givers are giving glues to their teammate at the same time while both teams are trying to guess at the same time.  It gets quite challenging because overhearing the other team can be quite distracting.  If you're able to hear and speak at the same time, you may steal from the opposing team in the stealing round for each word you guess correctly (just like original Kalimaat)

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